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Slip and fall

Should you trip and fall in a public place, your life could be thrown off track and you could get hurt. Our “no win, no fee” lawyers have dealt with slip-and-fall situations before and know how they can hurt people’s health. Looking into what happened, finding the person who caused it, and suing for money … Read more

School Injury

People who are close to a child who gets hurt at school may feel stressed out as well. Due to how important school safety is, our Whitehorse lawyers focus on cases involving accidents that happen at schools. We are here to help you get through the complicated legal system and get fair compensation for any … Read more

Medical Negligence

Even though it can be hard, you don’t have to deal with medical wrongdoing by yourself. When it comes to Whitehorse, our caring lawyers focus on cases involving medical abuse. We know that mistakes in medicine can put your life and health at risk. Our skilled staff will carefully look into your case, talk to … Read more

Housing Disrepair

Regrettably, a house in sorrow can get in the way of your daily life. Our lawyers are experts at holding landlords responsible for not taking care of rental properties. We’ll work hard to make sure that your living conditions get better while also trying to get you fair pay because we know a lot about … Read more

Bike Accident

If you get into a bicycle crash, your physical, mental, and financial health may all get worse. Because they have worked on cases involving bike crashes, our lawyers know how dangerous it is for bikers in Whitehorse. We are committed to protecting your rights and getting you compensation that fairly reflects how bad the accident … Read more

Bicycle Accident

Motorbike crashes can be very dangerous, and sometimes people die. Our experienced staff at Whitehorse No Win No Fee Solicitor knows how hard it can be to file a motorbike accident claim in Whitehorse. We’ll be by your side as we look into what happened in detail, figure out how bad your injuries are, and … Read more

Pedestrian Accident

After a walking accident, our dedicated Whitehorse No Win No Fee lawyers are ready to offer unwavering support. When someone is hurt on foot, they face special law problems that we know about. We’ll look into what happened carefully, figure out who did it, and then use what we’ve learned to help you get the … Read more

Accident at Work

An unpleasant job injury can make you feel helpless and like you don’t know what your legal rights are. Workplace accident cases are what our Whitehorse No Win No Fee team knows how to do best and how hard they work. We know that safety rules and labor laws in the workplace are complicated, so … Read more

Car Accident

It may seem impossible to get better after a car crash. If you need help figuring out the complicated legal system, our No Win No Fee lawyers in Whitehorse can help. When it comes to working with insurance companies and gathering important evidence for car accident cases, we know how hard and complicated they can … Read more